Reader Services Division

Circulation Unit

This unit is the eye of the library. It is charged with the responsibility of registering all new patrons (students and staff) of the University. The unit houses all textbooks needed by patrons and are shelved in a systematic order to ease retrieval. Now that the Library is using KOHA Library Management Software (LMS), patrons can sit in the comfort of their houses, hostels and classroom to register as a new user and then come to the Library to finalize their registration at the Circulation Desk.

Serial Unit

As the name implies, this unit is where serial publications are selected for acquisition, processed, made available and accessible to users. The publications housed in this unit are those that are published at intervals and examples include academic journals, newspapers, magazines, conference proceedings, newsletters/news bulletins and other similar materials.

Reference Unit

This unit helps readers to find the information they require. Staff are readily on hand to provide users with the personal assistance on how to locate required information. Information resources found at the Reference Unit include encyclopaedias, handbooks, year books, dictionaries, atlases, prospectus and other sources of information. Assistance provided at the unit is not restricted to that unit alone but the entire library. Information resources in this unit cannot be borrowed/loaned but only consulted in the Unit.