Membership of the Library is open to all undergraduate, postgraduate students and staff of the University. The registration process involves visiting the circulation desk or online through the use of OPAC but capturing (passport) of prospective users is done at the circulation desk of the Library.
Registered members can borrow materials as indicated:
  1. Academic staff: 5 items (4 weeks)
  2. Post-Graduates: 3 items (2 weeks)
  3. Undergraduates: 2 items (2 weeks)
Rules on Library use
  1. Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the Library.
  2. Eating, drinking and sleeping in the Library is prohibited.
  3. Briefcases, bags, overcoats, hats, umbrellas, etc, are not allowed in the library.
  4. All persons entering the library must show their university ID to the security staff.
  5. All persons leaving the library must show all their documents to the Library Assistant/Security staff at exit.
  6. Stealing or attempting to steal a library document or any of the library property is an offense and the culprit will be punished according to the laws
  7. The library will not take responsibility for loss or damage of personal property left in the reading and baggage areas.
  8. Handheld devices like Mobile phones, tablets and other devices likely to cause disturbances should not be used in the library unless their use is silent.
  9. Damage of library materials, equipment, property, or building is prohibited and must be reported immediately to a member of library staff. Those responsible must pay for the damage.
  10. Use of external storage devices like flash drives, memory card readers and hard-disk are not allowed on the Library Computers
  11. Use of the Library Computers for pornographic content, game playing, e-trade, hacking and other illegal activities or changing Network settings is prohibited.
  12. Personalising Library computers by putting on a password is prohibited.
  13. Reservation of sits/chairs for friends or colleagues are not allowed
  14. Library patrons are not allowed to return books consulted to the shelves.